Apne pyar ko mat chupao

Apne pyar ko mat chupao,
ise zarurat hai jatane ki,

Apni khubsurti ko mat chupao,
ise zarurat hai dikhane ki,

Ab aur PERFUME mat lagao,
tumhain zarurat hai nahane ki

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Aasmaan Jitna Neela Hai

Aasmaan Jitna Neela Hai

Sunflower Jitna Peela Hai

Paani Jitna Geela Hai

Aap ka Screw Utna Hi Dheela Hai!!

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Aaj Khuda ki shararat samajh aayi

Aaj Khuda ki shararat samajh aayi,

Iss dharti pe aapki hukumat samajh aayi,

Aapko dharti pe bhejna uska bahana tha,

Ravan ke baad kisi ko to aana tha!!

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In india, everyone is expert in mobile problems

In India, everyone is expert about mobile problems..





However, the most common solution would be
“Switch off kar ke ON kar THEEK ho jayega”

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3 lights save the earth from darkness

Three lights to save the earth from the darkness..


1st: sunlight


2nd: moonlight


3rd: you


my sweet friend tube light

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Roz SMS Kiya Karo Warna

Tumhaari yaad dil se jaane nahin denge,
Tumhaare jaisa dost khone bhi nahin denge,
Roz sharafat se sms kiya karo warna,
Ek kaan k neeche denge or rone bhi nahin denge 😀

Funny Shayari | Hindi, SMS | Joker

Funny Parents-Child Conversation over SMS/TEXT

Mom: Hi! Son, what does IDK, LY, & TTYL mean?

Son: I Don’t Know, Love You, & Talk To You Later.

Mom: It’s ok, don’t worry about it…I’ll ask your Sister, Love you too.


Dad: Son, I have a Facebook account now… accept my friend request.

Son: You’re on Facebook now? WTF!!!

Dad: What does WTF mean?

Son: Ohhh…It means, Welcome To Facebook, Dad.


Mom: Son, your grandmother passed away an hour ago. LOL

Son: How is that funny, mom?

Mom: What do you mean, Peter… surely it is not funny!

Son: Mom, LOL means: Laugh Out Loud!

Mom: Oh, No! I thought it meant: Lots Of Love…
I’ll have to call everyone back and explain!X_X

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