Rahul, Kejriwal and Modi in a Ship

Ek baar rahul,

Ek ship mein ja rahe the..
Achanak 1 Jinn aaya aur bola: “Samundar me koi cheez pheko, agar maine dhoond li to main tumhe maar dunga, Aur na dhoond paya to main tumhara Gulam!!”

Rahul ne Sui phenki.
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Rahul Gandhi for 2019 Elections

Breaking News:

Rahul Gandhi has started early preparation for 2019 polls.

Slogan is ready

leher ke baad boonda-baandi,
abki bar rahul gandhi 😀

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How Rahul Gandhi sits for a Hawan

This is how Rahul Gandhi sits for a hawan…

rahul gandhi jokes

rahul havan

Aise baithne ki media aur internet par bahut alochna hone ke baad, Rahul Gandhi ab potty mein bhi aalakti paalakti lagakar baithte hain 😀

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Arnab Asks Pappu: What do you drive?

Welcome back to Frankly Speaking after a short break.

Arnab: So Pappu, what do you drive?

Pappu: My father was a pilot and so was my uncle. They had their pilots license from USA. When my grandmother didn’t die in a plane crash… (Arnab, now trying hard to conceal hi amusement cuts him short yet again) Continue reading

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Arnab asks Rahul: What are you gonna eat?

Arnab: What are you gonna eat tonight?

Pappu: To know that answer first you must know what is night. A night is something that is not a day. Its not something that is even evening but….(Arnab cuts him short)

Arnab: But wait wait I asked you specifically what are you gonna eat? Continue reading

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