Announcing Android App Release – Jokes by Jokofy

We are glad to announce android app launch for
You can download it using this link.

jokofy androapp

This is just the v1 of the app, Before adding lot of features, We wanted to release it and get the feedback from you all. So please install it on your phones/tablets and share your feedback in comments below.

Don’t forget to rate us on Play Store as well.

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Funny News Headlines – Ramayan ki Tazaa Khabarein

Ramayana aaj hoti to kaisi khabarein aati …


● Raja dashrath ne ki Shrawan Kumar ki Hatya, FIR Darj…

● Ayodhya ke rajpath ko leke raja-rani mein vivaad badha!

● Kevat dwara charan dhulwane se mayawati hui naraz, Kaha yeh hai Dalito ka apmaan

● Tadkaa Vadh va Suparnkha ki Naak kataayi ke virodh mein Mahila Ayog ka Ayodhya mein pradasrhan Jaari…
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