Yeh MOBILE Mujhe de de Thakur

Gabbar: Yeh MOBILE mujhe de de thakur!!!

Thakur: dekh yaar hath-pair ka majak theek hai, chalta hai!

but mobile se majak nahi….


FACEBOOK chalu hai aur basanti ONLINE .. 😉

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Unknown Friend Request on Facebook

After getting the friend request on facebook from an unknown guy.

Girl : Hey do i know you ?

Boy : Of course no !!!

Girl : Then why the hell did you send me a request ?


(here is awesome reply from the guy)


Boy : Well facebook suggests me to add you again and again…


I don’t want to “HURT” Facebook!!

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Sardar Ji ki Internet Use Karne Wali Family

Sardarji introducing his family:-

1. Yeh hai meri biwi….. Google Kaur..
Ek sawal poocho toh 10 jawab deti hai…..

2. Yeh hai mera beta…. Facebookjeet Singh..
Ghar ki baat sare colony tak pahuchata hai…..

3. Yeh hai meri beti…. Twitterpreet Kaur..
Poori colony isse folow karti hai…..

4. Aur mein hoon Orkutdeep Singh….
Mujhe koi puchhta hi nahi…. !!

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Arz Kiya Hai

Arz kiya Hai…

Bigdi Hui Zindagi ki kuchh itni si kahaani Hai..

Wah.. wah..

20% to hum bachpan se kamine the

Aur 80% facebook/twitter/whatsaap ki meharbani Hai

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Beta kya karte ho?

Ladki wale(ladke se): Beta kya kerte ho…?

Ladka: jee, Chief administrator Hun.

Ladki wale (khush hokar): Kaun si company mein beta…?

Ladka: WhatsApp per 2 Groups aur Facebook per 3 Pages ka Admin hun.. 😛

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Improve Your General Knowledge About India – National Items

Sunny-Leone_National_girlfriend-Joke-IndiaIMPROVE YOUR G.K.

1. National Sister- Mamta Banerjee

2. National Girlfriend- Sunny Leone

3. National Tension- Salman Khan’s Marriage

4. National Bachelor- Rahul Gandhi

5. National Dehshat- Sequel of Ra.One

6. National food- Kasam

7. National Struggler- Abhishek Bachchan

8. National Judge- Archana Puran Singh

9. National Mom- Sonia Gandhi

10. National Jamaai- Robert Vadra

11. National Book- Face Book

12. National Robot-Manmohan Singh

13. Natonal Bank- Swiss Bank

14. National God- Sachin Tendulkar

15. National Show- Comedy Nights with Kapil

16. National Tiger- Narendra Modi

17: National Time Pass: Whatsapp

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Hillarious Message by A Victim of Chain Messages

chain-messages-on-whatsapp-facebookDisclaimer: These days, this message itself has become a chain message on WhatsApp and facebook 😀


I want to thank all my friends who have forwarded chain messages to me in 2012 and still continuing..


1- I stopped eating the tasty kurkure after I heard that it has plastic in it.

2- I stopped going to movies for fear of sitting on a needle infected with Aids.

3- Forwarded hundreds of messages but still waiting for free balance.

4- I smell like a rotten egg since i stopped using deo’s because they cause cancer.

5- I also donated all my savings to a 7 year old poor girl who was about to die in hospital about 700 times.

6- Made 100 wishes before forwarding those Jesus, Mary, Sai Baba, Haunman, Mata, Money Bags pictures etc by now most of those ‘wishes’ are already married.

7. read and sent thousand messages on whatapp for its colour to change blue…red …..burgundy……lavender……..

Now if you don’t Like this message and share with yours friends in next 10 seconds, a Coconut will Fall on Your Head , while you are asleep!!

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Shivaji Kyun Nahin Mile Ab Tak?

Senapati batao ki hum Shivaji ko kyu Nahi dhund pa rahe hain??

kyoki Maharaj ham Mughal Hain Google Nahi !!!


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Britannia Tiger Biscuit & Green Dot

Teacher: Beta batao britannia tiger biscuit pe jo green dot hai, uska matlab kya hai?

Student: Sir, iska matlab hai ki Tiger online hai !! 😀

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Wife Aisi Laana Jo

Aaj to Maa ne bhi saaf bol diya…


Beta, Wife Aisi Lana Jo
Facebook Na Use Karti Hoo,

Ghar Mein Aur Kuch Kaam Bhi Hote Hai…. 😀

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