Funny Call Duration in India

Different types of call duration summaries :
boy to boy !
boy to mom !!
boy to dad !
boy to girl !
girl to girl !
girl to boy !
miss call
husband to wife!
wife to husband
call waiting

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Gay marriages in India

While in India:
Arjun : Mom i wanna marry Vicky
Mom : that’s not possible
Arjun : but mom! Same sex marriages are legal now in most parts of the world
Mom : but he’s not of our caste..

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Sardar on call

Sardar dials a number

a Girl answered….

Sardar: Hello… kaun?

Girl: Main Seeta…

Sardar: O teri!!, yeh to ayodhya lag gaya… Sorry Maaate… !!!

:[P :[D

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Vajpayee, Kalaam, Narendra Modi and Marriage

Vajpayee, Kalam and Modi have proved that if there is no disturbance from wife in life, even a poet, scientist or a chai wala can lead a nation !

Maya, Sonia, Mamta, Uma & Jaya have proved that if there is no husband to disturb, a woman can disturb a nation !

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Chor pakadne ki machine

Chor pakadne ki machine bani…

USA mein 1 din mein 9 chor pakde gaye
China mein 30
UK mein 50
Pakistan mein 80
Japan mein 90



Bharat mein 1 ghante mein
Machine hi chori ho gayi!

Bolo bharat mata ki jai!! 😀

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Toothpaste ka retirement

Ek doctor ka sawal: Tooth brush kitne samay baad retire ho jata hai?

Chinese: 1 Hafta
British: 1 Mahina
American: 3 Mahine
Bhartiya: India mein tooth brush kabhi retire nahi hota!

Doctor: Wo kaise?
Bhartiya: India mein tooth brish sab se pehle daant saaf karne ke kaam aata hai, Phir hair color karne ke kaam aata hai, Uske baad machine ki safai ke kaam aata hai aur jab uske baal gir jaate hain, to pajaame mein naada daalne ke kaam aata hai!

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My husband is not your dad: Mom

Son I’m sorry my husband is not your dad. I had an affair 23 years ago with a man. And that person is your real father.

Son: Mum, what rubbish!
How am I to deal with this?

Mother: I am sorry he was my first love and I could not marry him.. cause we are from different religions.
He is on the phone right now and wants to speak with his son, come talk to him.

Son: No I am not speaking to any one. My dad is the only father I know and so will that be.

Mother: Please don’t be so upset. Just talk to him.

Son: Ok, I will not commit anything.

On Phone: Morning Son, I am Mukesh Ambani. I am your real father.

Son: Maa ki Aaaannkkhhh…
Dad! Dad! Dad!!! Thank God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Thank God!!!!!! Luv u so much Dad!!!!
I always knew there was something special about me..
Thank you soooo much mum.
You are the best mum in d world!”

Na Biwi Na Bachha ;
Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya ;
The Whole thing is dat ki bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya..

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Indian definition of Electricity

Teacher: What is Electricity ?

Little Johny: Electricity is the daughter of Govt. and has extremely loose character,
she goes anytime,
anywhere without telling anyone,
even at midnight !

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America, Japan Aur India Ke Police Officers

Ek Baar America, Japan Aur India Ke Police Officers Mein Behas Ho Gayi, Ki Kon Sabse Badiya Hai !!!

Akhir Ye Faisla Hua Ki Competition Rakha Jaye.
To Competition Mein Ek Sher Ko Jungle Main Chorr Diya!

America Police Ne 10 Ghante Ke Andar Sher Ko Pakad Liya.

Sher Ko Phir Jungle Main Choda Gaya

Aur Japan Police Ko Pakadne Ke Liye Bheja.
Japan Ki Police Ne 5 Ghante Main Sher Ko Pakad Liya.

Sher Ko Phir Jungle Main Choda Gaya

Phir Indian Police gayi.

Indian Police 2 Din Tak Laut Ke Nahi Aayi.

To Sabhi Officers Unko Dhundne Ke Liye Jungle Main Gaye.

Jungle Mein Dekhte Hai Ki Indian Police Ek Gidad Ko Ulta Latka Kar Maar Rahi Thi Aur Bol Rahi Thi:
“Kabool Kar saale, Ki tu Hi Sher Hai” 😀

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