India mein High Alert

Hamare Bharat mein high alert ka matlab..

Police ko Danda pakda kar Chauraho par khada kar dena…

Atankwadi AK 47 ke bajaye, Bhains lekar aayenge!

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Durga Puja for Bengali Foodies


How Foodie people see the durga puja festival!


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Happy Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence Day 2014 JokesOne.jpg

Kabhi Noto ke liye mar gaye,
Kabhi Voto ke liye mar gaye,
Kabhi Jaat-paat ke naam par mar gaye,
Kabhi aapas mein 2 gajj zameen ke liye mar gaye,

Hote agar Aaj veer Bhagat Singh to kehte..
Yaar Sukhdev,
Hum bhi kin kameeno ke liye mar gaye!

We Wish all the Indian readers of Jokofy,
A Very Happy Independence Day


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Funny One Liners Jokes about Indians

We Indians Are Unique

Indian jokes

1. When the doorbell rings, a male or kid goes to open the door. But the female runs for her dupatta. 😉

2. Picking up/dropping a relative (airport / railway station) is an important family affair. 😀

3. We thrive on street food and we don’t get sick. 🙂

4. Every Indian mother has 2 careers – Working / Housewife + Match Making. 😛 😀
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13 Funny meanings of Indian places in english

Amazing INDIA – 13 Funny meanings of places in English


1 Large State – “Maha-Rastra”

2 Place of Kings – “Raja-Sthan”

3 Mr. City – “Shri-Nagar”

4 Rhythm of Eyes – “Nayni-Tal”

5 Face – “Surat”

6 Unmarried Girl – “Kanya-Kumari”
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Electricity in America, Japan and India

If the electricity goes in America they call the power house.??

In Japan, they test the fuse,

But In India, they check neighbour’s house,

sabki gayi hai naa, phir thik hai!!! 😀

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This year’s election is a Bachelor’s Party

Did you notice…

This year’s election is a Bachelor’s Party

Narendra Modi,
Rahul Gandhi
Mamta Bannerji
Anna Hazare….

Desh ka bhavishya keval Kunwara Vyakti hi badal sakta hai…

Kyunki… Shaadi-Shuda insaan to saala TV ka channel bhi apni marzi se nahin badal sakta!! 😀


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New Word After Rahul Gandhi Interview

New word added to english dictionary after 28.01.2014 (Rahul Gandhi Interview with Arnab)

Pappu(verb) : to talk nonsense irrelevant to questions asked and make a complete fool of oneself. Continue reading

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Santa with Obama in USA

Santa went to USA and had a meeting with OBAMA

OBAMA : I want to show you that how much advance we are!
Come with me, He takes him to a forest.

OBAMA : Dig the ground.

Santa did it.

OBAMA : More….More…More…

Santa went upto 100 Feet.

OBAMA : So now, try to search something.

Santa: I got a Wire.

OBAMA: You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones.

Santa became frustrated.
He invited OBAMA to India.

Next year OBAMA was in India.

Santa: I want to show you our advancement.

The same… he takes OBAMA to a forest.

Santa: Mr Obama, Please Dig it…

Obama does.

Santa: More….More…More……

OBAMA goes upto almost 400 feet.

Santa: Try to find something.

OBAMA tries

Santa: Did you get anything?

OBAMA: No, there is nothing here.

Santa: You know, it shows that even 400 years ago, we used to have WIRELESS Mobiles !!!

Santa Rocks, Obama Shocks

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Driving Styles In Different Countries

1 hand On Steering Wheel,
1 Hand Out Window — USA

1 Hand On Steering And
1 Hand On Horn — Japan

1 Hand On Horn,
1 Hand On Gear,
Listening Loud Music,
1 Ear On Cell,
1 Foot On Acceleration,
Nothing On Break
Both Eyes On Female In Next Car — INDIA

After all We are Multi Talented People na…

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