Men vs Women – funny jokes

It is said that when a woman closes her eyes, she sees the person she love the most

and when a man does that.
The slide show begins.


The woman who invented the phrase …
“All men are the same”
was a Chinese woman who lost her husband in a crowd.


Whisky is a brilliant invention.

One double and you start feeling single again.


There are 3 kinds of men in this world.

Some remain single and make wonders happen.
Some have girlfriends and see wonders happen.
Rest get married and wonder what happened….

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Funny Women jokes in English

Q – You know why women love shoes?

Ans – Because no matter how much & whatever they eat , the shoes always fit.. !


Q – Why can’t Women Drive well?
Ans – Because there are so many mirrors in a car to distract them..


Q – Why can’t Women stand a day in a Jungle?

Ans – There are no Shopping Centers..


Q – How to save a Dying Woman?

Ans – Tell her about a 90% Sale going on somewhere..

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Boyfriend Girlfriend chatting on whatsapp about FB

(I bet dis would surely make u laugh)

Twist in the tale

Girl : Hiiiiii

Boy : Hi

Girl : what happened?

Boy : nothing.

Girl : no say na what happened.. u look soo sad

Boy : I’ll ask u something.. and u have to tell me the truth.. will u?

Girl : ok ask

Boy : who is Rajesh loafer?.. He liked all your profile pictures and even your status updates on FB. who is the dumb idiot?

Girl : Pls dont say anything about him…!!

Boy: Is he your ex bf? r u still in love with him..???

Girl : why would i love him.. you are my only love…

Boy : Then is he ur brother?

Girl : No no… not like that…

Boy : Then who the hell is he?

Girl : shall we talk something else

Boy : So u r hiding something from me? u have that much close relationship with him…he s so much important to u ryt?

Girl : If i disclose the secret u will definitely scold me…

Boy : I m getting irritated now.. don’t test my patience..

Girl : Pls ya…

Boy : if u don’t tell me i will break our relationship ryt now…

Girl : i will tell u… but promise that u won’t scold me ok??

Boy : oh ok…

Girl : Hmmm… That is my fake profile… if no one likes my dp I like my pic through that login id and also post comments like cute, nice, hot, etc!!!!

Boy- Speechless!!

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Girls Attitude on Dirty WhatsApp Jokes

Attitude of Girls :
When a Boy Sends Dirty SMS


She Laughs For 10 Minutes,
Forwards That to Her Friends
Then Replies the Boy

I Don’t Like That Kind of SMS :/

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RIP English!

Murder of english ?

Lady – Hey Fruitwale Baba, give me some Potatoes Fever !!

Fruitwala – O meri behen ye Potatoes Fever kya hota hai?

Lady – O Maye Gaad! You Literacy People!
‘Potatoes Fever’ means ‘Aaloo Bukhara!!!! 😀

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Convent school ki ladki aur Sabzi wala

Newly weds sabzi lene gaye।

Babuji, Memsaab to Convent mein padhi hongi?

(with chest swelling with pride that even a lesser mortal can see the obvious grace n charm in his bride) :
Bhai kaise pehchana….?

Thele mein neeche tamatar aur upar kaddoo jo rakh rahi hain!

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Ladki ki bhagne ki dhamki

Jab ladki bhagne ki dhamki de
to maa-baap ko kya karna chahiye?


Uska mundan karwa do,
5-6 mahino tak bhagna to kya
Ghar se bahar kadam bhi nahin rakhegi Takli!!! 😀

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Ladki ek aisi paheli hai

Ladki ek aisi paheli hai,

kabhi teri to kabhi meri saheli hai.

Kharcha karo to bole
“darling, how are you?”.

Na karo to bole
“brother, who are you?” 😀

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Funny Memsaab – Kamwali Bai Joke

Aaj Jo ek aurat ke sath hua woh kisi dushman ke saath bhi na ho…

Subhah uthi?…..

breakfast banaya

lunch banaya

bachoo ko khilaya 🙂

Pati ko khilaya. 🙂 🙂

unhe tayaar karke, tiffin deke bheja!

Joothe bartan ikhatha karke rakh diye!

kapde washing machine mein daal diye..

Phir shower lene chali gai!
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DAAG achhe hain

Ek Cute se bachhe ko dekh kar Ek Ladki ne uske Gaal par KISS kar diya

Ladki: I am Sorry, Apke Gaal par Lipstik Lag gayi

Bachchaa: It’s OK baby, “Kuch achha karne se agar DAAG lagte hain to DAAG achhe hain”

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