Dimag ki jaanch karne ka upaay

Agar aap apne dimag ki jaanch karna chahte hain..
to yeh upaay apnaaiye…

Ek gaay (cow) ke saamne khade ho jayiye

Agar gaay aapke paas aati hai,
to samjh lena ki aapke dimag mein Bhoosa hai!

aur agar door chali jaati hai,
to aapka dimaag Khaali hai 😀 😛

ise kehte hain chit bhi meri, pat bhi meri 😉 SHARE karo ab!

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Funny Affair Joke – Lion & Lioness

Lion to lioness : Sach bataa, shaadi se pahele tera koi chakkar toh nahin thaa na !?

Lioness : Is baat pe mujhe ek sher yaad aa gayaa! 😀

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Santa aur Chipku Billi

Santa Ke Ghar Ek Billi Rehti Thhi…

Santa Billi Se Tang Aaker Use Kahi Chhod Aaya,

Ghar Aaya To Billi Usse Pehle Pahunchi Hui Thi.

Santa Billi Ko Dubara Kahi Door Chod Ke Aaya,
Billi Phir Usse Pehle Ghar Pahunch Gayi.

Santa Ko Bahut Gussa Aaya…

Aur Abki baar Woh Billi Ko Bohut Hi Jyada Door Chhodne Gaya…

Waha Se Usne Wife Ko Phone Kiya Aur Puchha.
Santa: Banto, Billi Ghar Pahunch Gayi Ya Nahi?

Banto Kaur: Haan Pahunch Gayi Hai, bolo kya hua?
Santa Rote Hue: Uss Kamini Se Bol Ki Mujhe Aaker Le Jaye, Main Rasta Bhul Gaya Hoon!! 😀

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Funny Animal Jokes – PJ

First dog: My master calls me Furball. How about you?
Second Dog: My master calls me Sitboy!

Q: How do you know an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
A: There are footprints in the butter.

Q: Why does a giraffe have such a long neck?
A: Because his feet stink!

Q: What’s a dog’s favorite food for breakfast?
A: Pooched eggs.

Q: What do you give a pig with a rash?
A: Oinkment.

Q: What do you do if your cat swallows your pencil?
A: Use a pen.

Q: What’s black and white, black and white, black and white and green?
A: Three skunks fighting over a pickle!

Q: What kind of mouse does not eat, drink, or even walk?
A: A computer mouse.

Q: What do you call a dog with a Rolex?
A: A watch dog.

Q: What pine has the longest needles?
A: A porcupine.

Q: What’s worse than a centipede with athlete’s foot?
A: A porcupine with split ends!

Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
A: The chicken wasn’t around yet.

Q: What kind of cars do cats drive?
A: Catillacs!

Q: What do you call a deer that costs a dollar?
A: A buck.

Q: What’s a frog’s favorite drink?
A: Croak-a-cola.

Q: What’s an alligator’s favorite drink?
A: Gator-Ade.

Q: What do you call snake with no clothes on?
A: Snaked.

Q: What did the dog say to the flea?
A: Stop bugging me!

Q: Where do cows go on Saturday night?
A: To the moooooovies.

Q: What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up?
A: A try and try and try-ceratops!

Q: What do you call a dinosaur at the rodeo?
A: A Broncosaurus or a Tyrannosaurus Tex.

Q: What has ears like a cat and a tail like a cat, but is not a cat?
A: A kitten.

Q: Who makes dinosaur clothes?
A: A dino-sewer.

Q: What did the snail say when he got on the turtle’s shell?
A: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Q: Where do sheep get their hair cut?
A: At the baa-baa shop.

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Tiger’s Lover Success Party

A tiger was giving love success party to his tiger friends

A cat came & danced

Tiger asked Who r you?

Cat said: I was also a tiger before i fell in love!

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Cow & Cat Both are Sisters!

cow-cat-sistersCow & Cat both are sisters..

Now you must be thinking ki kaise?

Jyada mat socho.

Arey simple hai yaar…


Cow Hamari ‘Mata’ hoti hai


Billi ‘Mausi’!

Hui na sisters 😉

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