Why is Diwali celebrated?

A mom asked her elder kid to explain diwali to his brother ..
He replied:
“So look, this dude Ram had, like a big kingdom,
& people liked him but like his step mom or sumthin, was kinda weird and she forced her hubby to send this Ram to some jungle or something..

Coz he was goin for 14yrs, So his wife n bro got along..(U know just 2 chill)

But dude forest was real scary shit.. Was full of devils n things like dat,
but dis dude killed them with arrows..
But den sum bad gangstar Ravan
picked up his babe Sita..
Dis Dude Ram n his bro got real mad…huh….

So dey got an army of monkeys..don’t ask how…Attacked Ravan
got d babe n returned home..People thought atleast dey deserve something.

Dey had no bars or clubs or smoke stuff to party…
So they lit lamps..N this is how it all started .

Mom fainted !!

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on Nov 6, 2015