Rahul Gandhi (Jokes) Returns from Bangkok

Rahul gandhi ke swagat mein band baza walo ki kutayi sirf isliye ho gayi kyunki unhone..


bazaa diya tha!


Rahul Gandhi kehte hai “Congress koi party nahi, ek Soch hai”


Vidya Balan kehti hai “Jahan Soch hai, wahan Shouchalay hai”

Bada confusion hai bhai!!


After hearing Rahul for 3 hrs in a rally,

all the farmers collected 100 each and gave to Sonia Gandhi,
saying “you should also be compensated.. Fasal to aapki bhi kharab Hui hai”..


Rahul Gandhi called up Dominos Pizza and shouted at the branch manager, “You idiot, I just received delivery of pizza from your boy and there’s nothing on it!! No cheese, no toppings, nothing – it’s just a circle of plain bread! What the hell is wrong with you guys? I am gonna close you guys down permanently and get you personally arrested!!!”

10 mins later Soniaji calls back to Dominos and apologises to the manager, “Sorry, he opened the box upside down!”



Rahul Gandhi : Aap Khet me kya kya banate ho ?

Farmer : Gehu, Chaval, Bajri

Rahul Gandhi: To Kissan Jam Kon banata he ?

Farmer : Bhai tuu chhuutti pe hi achcha tha.


Rahul Gandhi kisan rally


rahul gandhi pogo joke

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on Apr 22, 2015