Santa in A English Test

Interviewer: Let me check ur english
tell me d opposite of good.?
Santa: Bad…….

Interviewer: Come
Santa: Go.

Interviewer: Ugly?
Santa: Pichhlli.

Interviewer: PICHLLI??????????
Santa: UGLY.

Interviewer: Shut Up.
Santa: Keep talking.

Interviewer: Ok, now stop all dis
Santa: Ok, now carry on all dis.

Interviewer: Abey, chup ho
ja..chup ho ja..chup ho jaa.
Santa: Abey bolta ja..bolta ja..bolta ja.

Interviewer: Arey, yaar.
Santa: Arey dushman.

Interviewer: Get Out
Santa: Come In.

Interviewer: Oh my God.
Santa: Oh, my devil.

Interviewer: shhhhhhh
Santa: Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr rr

Interviewer: mere bap chup hoja
Santa: mere bete bolta reh

Interviewer: U are rejected
Santa: I m selected. Oye Bolo ta ra ra ra ra… hayo rabba!! 😀

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on Oct 11, 2012