Similarities in Linux OS and Aam Aadmi Party

Linux and AAP

Both are public funded
Both are transparent/open source
Both work on the feedback from the ground / Users.
Linux has a stronghold in ‘Server’ community, as people trust and rely on it.

Linux is still more used by the elite developer group, where as AAP, is more closely related to the common man, being the common man’s party.
The sheer number of volunteers of AAP is way higher than Linux.
Aam Aadmi Party has done door to door campaigning. Linux is not going door to door.
The rate of rise of Aaam Aadmi Party is way higher than that of Linux.
Linux is a niche open source project that powers 81% of the mobile phones in the world (Android), 43% of the tablets in the world (Android), 64.7% of the servers in the world and 95.2% of the supercomputers in the world.

Both Linux and Aam Aadmi Party have a long way to go before they reach the masses.

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on Dec 13, 2014