Funny Indian Facts and Jokes

Insaan sub se zyada maafi kis ke saamane mangta hai?

aap soch rahe ho wife??

Bihkari ke saamne —- “Maaf karo Baba”


One economical thought:
‘The best line which helps you save money when going for dinner with your girlfriend- . . .
“Bol kya khayegi MOTI?”


Wife: Aapko meri khoobsurati zayada achi lagti hai ya aqalmandi?
Husband: Mujhey to tumhari ye mazaaq ki aadat bahut achi lagti hai..


National food of India —- “KASAM”
Sab khaate hain….


THIS is the best one

Lord Ganesha had two wives Riddhi and Siddhi….
Most men have one…. Ziddi !

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