Funny Salman Khan’s Kick Jokes #TwitterJokes

Twitter Fans doesn’t leave anyone, Now its Salman Khan’s latest movie KICK, which is becoming butt of jokes on Twitter.


1. Earlier they used to wait for moon to come out, now they wait for the release of Salman Khan’s movies to celebrate Eid

2. Kick: Salman Khan wears a mask because he is ashamed of his own movie Kick.

3. When it comes to save Environment, always respect Salman Khan, he never waste a single paper on script of movie.

4. Humshakkals ka baap #KICK. (both directed by different Sajid)

5. Kick movie is a 2 hours 30 minutes advertisement of Suzuki Hayate where Salman Bhai keep saying “Isme Kick hai”

6. Everyone wondering what happened to the Mask of Zorro – it went to Sallu in Kick.

7. Kick being promoted by Bhai on Pogo. At least he got the target audience’s IQ right.

8. Salman realizes at the very last min that he doesn’t even need a bike to beat the train (or mayb he was savin the bike’s life)

9. This is one of the best…
Kick is a story of a poor man who learns to ride bicycle and defeats Modi’s bullet train.

10. Instead of going for a salman khan movie donate your money to 3 beggars.

11. Salman Bhai leaves his Bike & Steals the Cycle just because of Petrol Price Hike !

12. KICK is a kick to people who wanted to kick the makers of Kick.

13. Salman gave review about the movie in the trailer itself ‘Dil me aata hoon, samajh me nahi’.

14. Salman ki movies me story khojne wale ko Janta maaf nahi karegi

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