Funny Virat Kohil, Anushka Sharma Jokes

This time, Its Kohli and Anushka’s turn, who are trending on twitter. (After he is not able to score at Lord’s, in test match against England)
After Anushka Sharma’s Lip Job Jokes, She is again trending coz of affair with Virat Kohli.

Here are some of the best jokes floating around…


Virat Kohli – What do you like about me ?

Anushka Sharma – Teri Gaaliya , gaaliya teri gaaliya .


When Virat Kohli Gets Out, Anushka Sharma Trends On Twitter And Fb


“A ‘golden duck’ is all Virat Kohli could gift Anushka Sharma at the Lord’s”


Anushka Sharma is turning out to be the Greg Chappel of Virat Kohli’s career!


Anushka Sharma: “Want to hear a joke?”
Virat Kohli: “Yes.”
Anushka Sharma: “Runs.”
Virat Kohli: “I don’t get it.”
Anushka Sharma: “Exactly.”


Virat Kohli has 2 ducks now. One in this match and Anushka Sharma.


Virat Kohli is so deeply madly in love with Anushka Sharma that he wants to remember her in his batting scores too.


Virat Kohli fell too much in love with the new duck lips of Anushka Sharma, that he did the same with his innings.


Why did Anushka Sharma came to England with Virat Kohli, when everybody knows that Indian cricketers can’t perform overseas.

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