The God, A good news and a better news

God decided that it was finally time to end the World, so he called together those whom he considered the Three Most Influential People in the World:

1. President of USA Barrack Obama,
2. Chinese President Xi Jinping, and
3. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh

“The World will End soon now,” God told them. “You must go and tell all the People.”

Obama, made a Live Statement on National Television.
“I’ve Good News and BAD News” he said.
“The Good News is that we have been Right, there is a God. The Bad News is that He is Ending the World.”

The second person, Xi Jinping sent out a Worldwide Message:
“I’ve Bad News and WORSE News,” he said.
“The Bad News is that we have been Wrong all along – there is a God. The Worse News is that He is Ending the World.”

The third person, Manmohan Singh immediately calls up Sonia Gandhi and tells her:
“I’ve Good News and EVEN BETTER News. The Good News is that God thinks I’m one of the Three Most Influential Persons in the World. The Even Better News is that we do not have to Worry about how to Stop Narendra Modi from becoming PM, because God is Ending the World…”

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on Mar 31, 2014