Door Se Dekha To – Funny Shayari

Door se dekha to kuchh dikha nahin,
Dooor se dekha… to kuchh dikha nahin…
Paas jake dekhaa to kuchh tha hi nahin!!


Door se dekha to Patthar dikhta tha,
Dooor se dekha… to Patthar dikhtaa tha…
Paas jake dekha to… sach-much Patthhar hi tha!!


Door se dekha to paani baras raha tha,
Door se dekha… to paani baras raha tha…
Paas gaya… to bheeg gaya!!


Door se dehka to ‘Dharmendar’ lag raha tha,
Door se dehka… to ‘Dharmendar’ lag raha tha…
Pass se dekha to ‘Bandar’ nikla!!

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on Jan 7, 2014