Intelligent Husband’s reply to wife

Wife was busy in packing her clothes.

Husband – Where are you going ?

Wife – I’m moving to my mother.

Husband also starts packing his clothes.

Wife – Now where are you going ?

Husband – I’m also moving to my mother.

Wife – And what about the kids ?

Husband – Well I guess …
If you are moving to your mother and I’m moving to my mother …
They should move to their mother.


Clothes unpacked. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

Johny Johny Employee Poem

Johny johny..
Yes papa!
Private job.
Yes papa!
Lot of tension..
Yes papa!
Too much work..
Yes papa!
Family life..
No papa!
High papa!
Yearly bonus..
Joke papa!
Monthly pay..
Low papa!
Personal life..
Lost papa!
Weekly off!
ha! ha! ha!

Are you an alcoholic?

I found a Leaflet in my newspaper this morning which read,

My wife insisted I make the call..

I Called up.
It Was A Liquor Shop Offer : “Buy 3 & Get 1 Free”…

My eyes were filled with tears of joy.!!

Leave Application for watching India vs Australia Semi Final Match

Leave Application

Dear Sir,

I dont want to lie. My country needs me tomorrow. It’s time to display the patriotism by entire nation.
I want to apply for the leave which I call as patriotism leave.
Its India vs Australia in world cup semi final. My nation needs me.
Kindly grant me the leave.



Auto reply from boss.



Dear Sender,

I will be on sick leave tomorrow.
Response will be delayed.


๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

What if somebody makes a mistake?

If a BARBER makes a mistake, its a new
hair style..!!
If a POLITICIAN makes a mistake, its a new
If a SCIENTIST makes a mistake, its a new invention..!!
If a TAILOR makes a mistake, its a new
If a TEACHER makes a mistake, its a new
If a STUDENT makes a mistake, its a “MISTAKE”

Husband Wife in Marriage

Wife ask –
why in all marriages girl sits on left side and
boy on right side?

Husband replies –
According to profit and loss statement a/c all
income is on right side and expenses are on left

Happy march ending.

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