Top Sagarika Ghose Jokes from Twitter – #YoSagarikaSoSecular

sagarika ghose jokesSagarika Ghose to Mandira Bedi: Aapke parents ne aapka naam mandira kyun rakha, wo masjida ya Churcha bhi to rakh sakte the!

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that she orders either karele ka juice or neem ka juice but never the orange or mango (avoids Orange color)

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that she prepares Mango Shake with kachchaa aam coz it is always #green

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that wen she found her PC has 4 GB RAM, she immediately asked d IT Guy to install 4 GB JESUS n 4 GB IMAM.

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that when you search secular on google… It says “Did you mean Sagarika”

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that she never reads The Hindu newspaper, as she thinks its communal

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that she never plays Temple Run Game

#YoSagarikaSoSecular that she stops at red light as well as green light on a signal.

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on May 19, 2014