Funny Diwali Jokes – Sardar aur Bruce Lee

Chhotu Sardar:
Jab Phatake fodte hain to pehle light dikhayi deti hai aur phir awaaz, aisa kyon?

Motu Sardar:
Kyonki hamari aankh aage hai aur kaan pichhe!! :-D :-P


Q: What is Bruce Lee’s Favorite festival?”
A: Diwa-Lee

Q: What does Bruce Lee have outside his home during Diwali?
A: Rango-Lee

Q: What did Bruce Lee give his sister as a gift?
A: Chaniya cho-lee!

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Policeman and Coffin Maker

A man who makes coffin was on his way to deliver one of his coffins when his car broke down.
Trying not 2 be late he put the coffin on his head & began heading to his destination.

Some policemen saw him & wanted to make some money off him (bribe) so they challenged him
“hey, what are you carrying & where are you going” ?

The man said

( You will love the answer )






“I do not like where i was buried so i am relocating”

The policemen Fainted..!!! :-D

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